WooConf 2017 is over, :( Stay Tuned!

Code of Conduct

The WooConf Code of Conduct ensures the happiness and safety of all WooConf attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers.

The tl;dr: This event is for everyone. We will not tolerate behavior that makes participants feel unwelcome.

WooConf’s aim is to educate developers from all walks of life, backgrounds, levels of experience and regions of the world. It’s a space where everyone can learn and help one another.

To this end, WooConf will be a welcoming space for all people, regardless of their ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion and/or range of ability.

We will not tolerate the following:

All WooConf participants (including attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers) are subject to these ground rules.

Anyone who violates this code of conduct will be subject to consequences up to and including removal from the event venue. Participants who are asked to leave are not entitled to a warning or refund.

If you or anyone else encounter/witness a violation during the conference, please inform a WooConf volunteer either in person or via Twitter DM (@WooConf). Reports will be kept 100% anonymous.

If you have questions about this policy, please reach out at hello@wooconf.com. Otherwise, with your help, we look forward to making our third WooConf the best (and most inclusive) yet.