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DAY 1 / DAY 2

Aviva Pinchas
7:30 am - Registration & Breakfast Welcome!

Welcome to WooConf! We'll be serving breakfast and coffee. If you haven't already, join us on Slack for upates throughout the next two days. Breakfast will be served till 9:00.

Todd Wilkens
9:00 am - International Room (KEYNOTE SPEAKER) Todd Wilkens Head of WooCommerce

Want to know what's happening in the WooCommerce world? You should probably come to this talk with the head honcho Todd Wilkens. He'll lead us through what's happened with WooCommerce in the last year and what you can expect in the next year.

Kandace Brigleb
10:00 am - International Room (KEYNOTE SPEAKER) Kandace Brigleb Partner at Needmore


Elizabeth Marsten
11:30 am - Sound Elizabeth Marsten Paid search for ecommerce

The Building Blocks of Paid Search. It's not as boring as it sounds, promise. First of all, I’m not boring. Second, you’ll really wish you’d come after wasting a lot of money and are left thinking "well, that would have been good to know." I'll cover high level fundamentals in this e-Commerce focused, jam packed tips and tricks session focused on smaller to mid-sized budgets, tools (free and what is worth paying for), time management and when to DIY or send up the bat signal.

David Lockie
11:30 am - Harbor David Lockie Enterprise ecommerce with WooCommerce at the center

Enterprise ecommerce is polarising. Option 1 is to choose a platform like Adobe or Salesforce, pay your license fees and hope you can drive the platform better than your competitors. Option 2 is to build your own platform by choosing best-of-breed components and services. This talk will run through a case study of how Pragmatic have delivered an Option 2 solution for a B2B ecommerce customer, including: - why WordPress and WooCommerce are a great fit to play the central role in modern digital marketing and ecommerce platforms - infrastructure - software architecture (integrations, components, etc) - user experiences (e.g. personalisation) - data strategy (e.g. single customer view & business intelligence) We believe this polarisation of modern architecture is a key trend facing the WordPress industry.

Kevin Killingsworth
11:30am - Bay Kevin Killingsworth How we are scaling WooCommerce Core

With the new CRUD and Data Store abstractions, WooCommerce now supports scaling and extending in new, exciting ways! Kevin Killingsworth will walk you through these abstractions and how you can use them to increase your site’s performance and integrate it in ways you never thought possible.

Jimmy Rosen
1:30 pm - Sound Jimmy Rosen & Richard Sweeney Scaling WooCommerce for international sales

WooCommerce gives the power for anyone to start an e-commerce store. But what happens when your product gets wildly popular, your business takes off and you need to scale to every market in the world with millions of visitors?

Amber Hinds
1:30 pm - Harbor Amber Hinds Giving clients the moon

This talk will go over 2 examples of heavily customized WooCommerce sites as well as touch on a few other examples with respect to answering the question of how to handle very specific and customized functionality requests from clients. I will discuss our process of assessing specialized functionality requests and determining how we can best use WooCommerce to meet the client's goals. This process roughly includes: having detailed discussions with the client to make sure we really understand what they want and why they want it (sometimes they don't need what they think they need), determining if a plugin already exists that will fulfill the client's needs, and, if no plugin exists, determining if we have the skills in-house to build the plugin or reaching out to a freelancer to have them build the plugin for us. I'll talk about when it makes sense to promise the moon to clients and when you need to take a step back.

Brian Richards
1:30 pm - Bay Brian Richards Test everything, or just set money on fire

When I think about ecommerce the first and most important thing I think about is other people's money. Or, more accurately, other people's "stored time". It is extremely important to me to never burn anyone's most irreplaceable resource. To that end, I never want to be responsible for building a plugin, launching a store, or running a business that is actively burning someone's money (that is, their time). I accomplish this by testing everything. Creating both Unit and Acceptance Tests for code, running A/B split tests for important sales decisions, and running load tests that simulate real user behavior to ensure a site can handle sustained traffic spikes. Whether you're a developer or shop owner you could and should be testing _something_. I’d like to help you figure out what, why, and how often. Let me help you start testing and stop setting money on fire.

Aviva Pinchas
3:00 pm - International Room Aviva Pinchas Opportunities for your plugin

WooCommerce lets you build the exact store you want, with very few limits. Much of this power comes from the extensions and plugins that add-to, enhance and adapt WooCommerce capabilities to make nearly anything possible. While we currently sell 300+ extensions on WooCommerce.com, there’s still plenty of room for developers to serve new stores, niche stores, emerging markets and more. We’ll cover what you should know about the WooCommerce market and our marketplace to make the most of the next extension you create.

Cody Landefeld
3:20 pm - International Room Cody Landefeld Fostering repeat business

Clients need our help to keep their business running without a hitch! We will cover some key items both consultants and clients will need to create ideal ongoing engagements. If you're working project to project or need to know how to better work with an agency you want to catch this talk!

Kevin Eulenberg
3:40 pm - International Room Kevin Eulenberg When to Buy, Customize, or Extend a Plugin

A case study from our Golden Ticket Winner on how to find the perfect plugin for your site. When to buy, customize, & extend a plugin.

Lisa Wang
4:00 pm - International Room Lisa Wang Increase Conversions with AMP

Over the past year the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project has enabled publishers to provide a consistently fast, responsive mobile web experience. AMP HTML’s benefits extend beyond traditional content publishers, and can provide powerful benefits to e-commerce merchants. In this session, Lisa Wang outlines the way AMP pages have enabled sellers and marketplaces to rapidly provide customers with the product information they need and drive conversions. By utilizing new e-commerce tailored features in AMP pages, merchants are equipped to meet customer expectations in a competitive and rapidly expanding industry.

Rand Fishkin
4:30 pm - International Room (KEYNOTE SPEAKER) Rand Fishkin Wizard of Moz

In this presentation, Rand covers what's changed in SEO and how search behavior, Google's updates, and new laws are impacting the web and search marketing worlds. He'll also dive into how marketers' tactics must adjust to stay ahead of the competition. Get ready for big picture coverage and actionable tips alongside loads of data and examples.

5:20 pm - Waterlink Atrium Room at Bell Harbor Happy Hour Sponsored by Square and Avalara

Join us for drinks till 7pm as we end day 1 of WooConf. Happy Hour will begin immediately after the final keynote.


DAY 1 / DAY 2

Aviva Pinchas
8:00 am - Registration & Breakfast Welcome to day 2!

Fuel up for day 2 of WooConf with breakfast and coffee. Breakfast will be served till 10:00.

Beka Rice
9:00 am - International Room (KEYNOTE SPEAKER) Beka Rice Partner at SkyVerge

Selling your clients on open source: this deep dive into choosing the right eCommerce platform for your clients will cover why open source solutions win in the long term for online stores. We’ll discuss how open source offerings like WooCommerce compare to hosted or SaaS platforms, and how to educate clients on the benefits of open source and discover key factors to their stores' success.

Zach Stepek
10:00 am - International Room (KEYNOTE SPEAKER) Zach Stepek Partner, Development and Strategy

Optimizing site performance consists of a series of small wins that add up to a large impact. High volume WooCommerce sites present unique challenges when running at scale. In this keynote, we'll start by discussing the quick wins that anyone can implement to make their site more performant, then we'll discuss some of the problems that we've run into when running some of the largest WooCommerce sites in existence and the solutions we've created to remedy those problems.

Jeff Daigle
11:30 am - Sound Jeff Daigle Moving from Etsy to WooCommerce

When I introduce clients to life beyond Etsy and set them up with WooCommerce stores, it’s not always curtains for their Etsy shops. From marketing to product validation to customer segmentation there are plenty of reasons to keep your Etsy shop around even after you’ve built your own store. Learn the business strategies and the technical details of integrating Etsy and WooCommerce into a powerful business-building combo for you and your clients.

Ricky Whiting
11:30 am - Harbor Ricky Whiting The impossible is possible

How we had an idea to start an e-commerce website, made this idea happen with WooCommerce and 12 months later become the UK's number 1 baby boutique with over 100k social media followers...all with WooCommerce running from our third bedroom.

Andrew Reeve
11:30 am - Bay Andrew Reeve Native apps talking to Woo

HonestBrew offers customers a tailored beer subscription, where we send each customer 12 different beers each month that matches their "Taste Profile". We've always wanted to give our customers more information about the beers we've picked for them, the story behind them, and make it all readable in the place that they are drinking them (on the sofa with their phone). This lead us to build a native mobile app fetching user data from the WC API. The app has been built in React Native and uses the WordPress, WooCommerce and Subscriptions API. It's MVP/Beta at the moment with read-only functionality. The user can login, browse each order and find out about each beer we've picked for them. In the future, we'll be adding a subscription dashboard with write functionality for account actions. The WooCommerce API has unlocked the potential of a native app for HonestBrew. M-commerce - with WooCommerce as the backend!

Kenn Kelly
1:30 pm - Sound Kenn Kelly How To Price Your Product for Profitability

eCommerce is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet and yet only a fraction of businesses have cracked the code to scalable profitability. This becomes more challenging in that it's also continually changing. We'll unpack how eCommerce has changed and how you can leverage it to your benefit, and cover the top things you need to know about eCommerce heading into 2018 and why pricing your product correctly is so critically important.

Kat Christofer
1:30 pm - Harbor Kat Christofer How to write good documentation. Lessons learnt.

Great documentation can boost your bottom line! Learn how to write, edit and update this essential support and selling tool, and about the style guidelines, templates, glossary and data-driven strategy used by WooCommerce. This workshop is interactive, so bring your questions.

Zac Gordon
1:30 pm - Bay Zac Gordon Using the WooCommerce API for data visualization with JavaScript

This workshop is an exploration into using default and custom WooCommerce REST API Endpoints in combination with JavaScript data visualization libraries. We will look at how to get the data we need out of WordPress and what different JavaScript libraries are available to us for making that data visual and interactive.

Bob Dunn
3:00 pm - International Room Bob Dunn Interview with Todd Wilkens

BobWP will be sitting down with Todd and will be discussing how developers can better understand the WooCommerce user and how they can make sure their products and work meet both their own and the users needs. We will chat about the onboarding experience, extensions and the careful use of code snippets. This talk will help you as a developer or designer to better serve you clients and relate to their experiences.

Curtis McHale
3:20 pm - International Room Curtis McHale To sell more work go for NO

Common wisdom is that to get more work, you to sell a prospect on yourself. You need to take calls whenever your prospects want. You need to keep selling and tell them how awesome you are. Curtis will tell why working to convince a client that they shouldn’t work with you or even do the work at all will win you more work.

Laura Nelson
3:40 pm - International Room Laura Nelson Weaving CRO and Agile methodologies: A Big Brand Case Study

When we think of CRO projects, they’re usually categorised as a unique piece of ongoing work, conducted by a small, select team. This approach is suitable for small-medium scale projects, but what happens when you’re working Agile with an enterprise client? Both CRO and Agile promote perpetual, iterative cycles of development; often short cycles, to keep projects lean and meaningful.

Laura’s talk will explore the shape of each technique, providing insight on the advantages and pitfalls of running a dual process. This talk will include a case study, demonstrating how Pragmatic weaved CRO and Agile together in a live situation.

John Maeda
4:10 pm - International Room (KEYNOTE SPEAKER) John Maeda Global Head of Computational Design and Inclusion

Design’s value in the tech industry has been growing over the last decade. But what specific kind of design is making that impact? We’ll discuss a simple model with three kinds of design to get closer to an answer to that question.

7:00 pm - Art Marble 21 After Party Sponsored by PayPal

Note that badges are required for entry. Art Marble 21 is located at 731 Westlake Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109. Join us for a night of dancing, games, food, and drinks as we boogie and say our good-byes on our last night together. We've invited a fun band so be sure to get there on time!